The Carlton Observatory Project:
Details & Project Scope

The Carlton Observatory is a 501c3 organization in Carlton Oregon. Our goal is to create a unique community resource featuring interactive experiences including an observatory and planetarium inside a multi-use facility. The space will encourage and inspire students, parents, educators and visitors to learn, celebrate, and experience science in a whole new way. As our mission states, we are:  Promoting astronomy to foster an engaged, imaginative and scientifically literate community.

During the last 2 years we have been enthusiastically and financially supported at numerous “star parties” that we have hosted in and around Yamhill County. These events have built awareness, raised funds and provided outreach to the community in support of our mission. Carlton Observatory currently has 5 high quality telescopes that have been donated to the project.

A 45-seat planetarium was donated to CO from The Webb School in Claremont California. The star projector is a $150,000.00 GOTO planetarium. There are peripheral projectors, a 16’ tall, 20’ diameter dome, a sound system, and seating for 45 people. Once it is installed and completed inside the science center building, it will be an invaluable resource for both educators and the community as it can be utilized year round, especially when the sky is overcast.  It has the potential for great local impact in that it will draw visitors to the community with entertaining and educational star shows.

Inside the new science center will be a great hall with multiple exhibits and a “Wonder Room” for classes and lectures. A Maker’s Lab where telescopes and other scientific instruments can be designed, built, and repaired will have a glass wall so onlookers can see what we are up to.

There will be outdoor plazas where exhibits and interpretive signs will delight and inspire visitors even when the CO is closed. One of the highlights of the plan includes a 3000 sq ft outdoor star plaza where we will host star parties, guest lectures, dinners and wedding receptions.

There are numerous ways you can support this endeavor…we are selling “stars”  (instead of “bricks”). The details are on the Star Sales link here. We have an online merchandise page. You can volunteer or even consider joining the board.   You can host a star party or wine dinner and we will bring the telescopes to you. Or you can simply share this project with your friends and family. Thanks for all you do!

Keep Looking Up!!!

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