Join The Carlton Observatory

We are in need of volunteers, board members and professionals to help bring the Carlton Observatory from vision to reality!


Our volunteers help out at star parties, with set up and take down, manning a telescope or selling stars and t-shirts at a booth. We also need help with fundraising events, grant writing, office work and community outreach. No experience necessary…just a love of science!

Board Members

We are looking for 3 or 4 more dedicated board members to help bring this vision for our community to life. Board positions are for a 3 year term. We meet once a month in Carlton. We are a collaborative board with a passionate focus on bringing science opportunities in to our community. No science education or background is needed!

Professional assistance needs

The land has been offered to build the Carlton Observatory from Ken and Karen Wright and with that we will be looking for professional assistance in several key areas…we need legal assistance, contracting, surveying, architectural design, and grant writing help. With this help we can bring the vision of the Carlton Observatory to life. Let us know if this is you or someone you know!