Our Board of Directors

Forrest Babcock – President

Forrest has been an amateur astronomer and telescope builder as a hobby all his life. He graduated in mechanical engineering and has worked as mechanical engineer, opto-mechanical engineer, and optics engineer at several companies during his career. He is eager to share his knowledge and telescope skills to others and is now focused on the Carlton observatory to bring science into the community and donate the telescopes he built over a span of the past 50 years.

Janet Zuelke – Secretary / Treasurer

Janet Zuelke lives in Carlton with her husband Forrest Babcock. She comes to the board with experience in event planning, fundraising and as a business owner. She is passionate about project based learning and has a non agenda approach to advocating science literacy. Her love of astronomy developed over the past 18 years of marriage to Forrest who designed and built the 15 inch telescope that will become the centerpiece of the Carlton Observatory. She was president of the board of directors of Wolftree; an organization that used project based learning to teach the earth sciences. She lives by a motto that says “If you tell me, I may forget. If you show me, I may remember. If you involve me, I will understand.”

Brian Richardson –  Vice President

Brian Richardson brings to the Carlton Observatory expertise in the fields of digital marketing, online fundraising and public relations. Brian is the founder of Vinbound Marketing, a digital marketing firm specializing in website development, social media strategy and promotional services. He is deeply entrenched in the Carlton community, serving as digital strategist for the City of Carlton and dozens of local wineries and winegrowers associations. Brian is skilled in using digital technologies to generate awareness for unique businesses and projects, and is actively working to develop a dedicated community following for the Carlton Observatory.

Sabra Mathot-  Member

With my experience as a Carlton business developer/operator/owner as well as a strong background in organization and event planning, I am very excited to be involved in the development of the Carlton Observatory. I have lived in Carlton now for over 12 years and love all that it has to offer, not only to those of us who live here but also all in the surrounding area. I am the type of person who “keeps looking up” and I know that the Carlton Observatory will give all that same feeling!

Terry Newhouse – Member

Terry is the Vice President of Business Development and Technical Sales for Universal Woods, LLC.  Terry holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Marquette University along with an MBA in Finance from Indiana University’s Kelly School of Business.  His experience is in various roles within manufacturing environments including product design & development, corporate materials management, manufacturing management and sales.  Terry has a passion to promote math and science within our educational system.  He sees the Carlton Observatory as a way to bring this education to the communities surrounding Carlton.

Joelle Maher –  Member

Bio Coming Soon


Stuart Anderson-  Member

Stuart is a Technical Lead for System Validation at Intel and has a BS and MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of South Carolina. Currently, he works to help other teams be more effective at what they do and he brings those skills to the board of directors. Stuart is a space nut, and has been following human space flight since the Apollo program. Astronomy is a slightly more accessible way to pursue that passion, and is a very good way to get the next generation of thinkers and leaders interested in science. His time on the board of the Carlton Observatory is a concrete way of supporting STEM in Education and encourages our youth to reach for the stars.

Todd Duncan PhD – Education / Programs Advisory Board

Todd received his undergraduate degree in physics from the University of Illinois, an M. Phil. from Cambridge University as a Churchill Scholar, and a doctorate in astrophysics from the University of Chicago where he was an NSF and McCormick Fellow.

Todd combines a research background in physics and astronomy with experience teaching science to a wide variety of audiences. He’s passionate about helping people recognize and experience their connection to the larger cosmos. In addition to teaching formal science classes at Pacific University in Forest Grove, he spends much of his free time setting up telescopes in public spaces to provide informal opportunities for people to feel inspired by views of craters on the Moon, rings of Saturn, and the conversations that spontaneously spring up when people from all walks of life gather to look up at the night sky. The Carlton Observatory offers an opportunity for a permanent site for this kind of connection to happen, and he’s excited to help make this happen.

Jay Breslow PhD –  Education/Programs Advisory Board

Jay received his Ph.D. at the University of Oregon in 2015. He is principal at Twin Rivers Academy, a charter school in Springfield, OR. 

Jay brings to the Carlton Observatory board a passion for using project based learning as an effective teaching method. He also understands the needs and particular concerns that under-served rural areas have when it comes to limited programs and resources for science education. Jay is an enthusiastic supporter of the Carlton Observatory and actively supports the mission.

Interested in joining our Board of Directors? Contact janet@carltonobservatory.com